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Organics Sprouted Peanut Butter 150 g

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  • Protein Rich: Sprouting process multiplies the nutrition including protein of the peanut. It keeps you full longer and improves metabolism.
  • Single Ingredient: No flavours additives or preservatives added. Processed in small batches and packed fresh.
  • Sprouted Peanuts: Sprouting process reduces anti-nutrients like phytic acid in the peanuts which blocks the absorption of the minerals in the body. Gluten Free
  • Easy Digestion: Easy digestion and assimilation of nutrients in the body
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Peanuts are a good source of vitamin E, niacin, folate, protein and manganese. Peanuts contain phytic acid (anti-nutrient which binds minerals and prevents their absorption) and enzyme inhibitors which blocks digestive enzymes. Soaking, sprouting and roasting of peanuts neutralize anti-nutrients and enzyme inhibitors to a great extent. Digestion and mineral absorption is improved. We strive to bring sustainable and innovative quality products by applying traditional techniques to ensure highest nutrition retention with great taste for your cooking.

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